We believe that by working together we can be most effective and efficient in our mission to ensure that The Rights of the Child are available to all children of convicts enabling these children to grow up with dignity and to develop their full potential.

Roundabout social enterpriseROUNDABOUT SOCIAL ENTERPRISE

Roundabout is a social enterprise headed by volunteers which provide a free service connecting those who wish to give, be that monetary or otherwise, to those in need. Roundabout was started by Leslie Simpson, an ex-pat who had been volunteering in a foster care home in Beijing for over 3 years. There Leslie saw the effort that was involved in sorting donations, finding new homes for items they could not use, throwing away sub-standard goods, and so on. It was an enormous drain on the already over-stretched staff and volunteer time. There was a clear need for a place that would do all that work for them, and so Roundabout was born.

Roundabout offers assistance by either directly passing on the items you have donated or by selling them in their retail store to raise funds. Store proceeds pay for medical costs for orphans and others less fortunate, sheltered housing for the elderly, warm blankets, food and other basic needs items for distribution. Overhead costs are also covered by store sales meaning that 100% of all monetary donations passed to Roundabout go directly to help people in need.

Morning Tears signed an agreement in 2013 with Roundabout which allows us to request their assistance with all kinds of needs varying from clothing to refrigerators for our projects in China. The partnership with Roundabout allows Morning Tears to reduce office/storage space and allows us to be much more effective in meeting the needs of the children in our model projects.



UNITED FOUNDATION FOR CHINA'S HEALTH (UFCH)The United Foundation for China's Health (UFCH) is committed to providing quality healthcare to vulnerable populations in China. Morning Tears signed an agreement in January 2013 with the Foundation which opens up the possibility of having the children under our care being considered for free medical treatment in one of the United Family Hospitals (UFH) or overseas. This is decided on a case by case basis and in practice covers the serious cases where more extensive medical care is required.



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Our work in Cambodia for children of convicts is done in partnership with Il Nodo.


MAD (Making A Difference)

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MAD, a Verse@illity Entertainment concept, is a charity fund and awareness raising initiative based in Shanghai, China. MAD brings together brands and people by organizing and throwing events at different venues. They put the FUN into fund raising.

MAD was started in 2012 by a South African DJ, Verse@ille, who assembled a team of like minded people who enjoy having a good time but also want to help the less fortunate.  Their underlying principal is that they donate more than 90% of the profits raised to charity.

They started by approaching a few sponsors, venues and DJs to collectively organize club and party events to reach a younger demographic, and encouraging them to get involved in raising money for charity. Today, more than 2 years later MAD is sponsored by Oakley, Skullcandy, Raised in China, Cocalero and B.O.O.K Clothing. MAD has organised events at several venues, raising tens of thousands of yuan for charities like Morning Tears, Shanghai Healing Home, Shanghai Cancer Recovery Club, Chi Heng Foundation, Mifan Mama & Project: Western Cape Relief (S. Africa).

MAD now draws hundreds of people to each charity event and has also started a radio show, MAD Radio.  Streaming LIVE to a few thousand listeners every week via an online radio station called Udance, they spread MAD's philosophy of helping others and informing the younger Chinese demographic about different charities and how they can and should get involved.

MAD: Making A Difference by having a GOOD time