Re-unification & Assisted Living Program (China) Completed

Re-unification & Assisted Living Program (China) completed

Morning Tears has successfully concluded the family reunification and independent living projects in Beijing and Xi’an. In these projects, a total of 21 children have been given special temporarily care over the last 8 years. The temporarily care was provided in an urban environment. The special care in the reunification process was intended to help children to reunify with their previously incarcerated parents. The goal of the independent living projects was to re-integrate young adults into society after living in the protected environments of Morning Tears for many years.

Morning Tears is very proud that every single child in these projects has become a success story. Morning Tears stopped taking in new children in these projects 3 years ago since charities in China were no longer allowed to provide this kind of service.

The children in the projects stayed until the family reunification process was completed or they were ready for independent living. The last 4 young adults have recently left the project and have entered well prepared into a new exciting phase in their life.

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